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Major Resources

MGH Resources

  • Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center Information for patients and physicians about MGH resources and services with links to external resources.
  • MGH Cancer Resource Room Provides up-to-date health information as well as access to MGH and community resources for cancer patients and their families and friends on all aspects of cancer care, health and wellness.

Massachusetts Resources

  • MA Clearinghouse has printed or downloadable resources on this topic. They are free to order if you are an MA resident. For clinicians and others working at MGH Health Centers, please contact ARCH ( for assistance with ordering materials from MA Clearinghouse and other sources.

General Cancer Sites

Selected Specialized Cancer Sites

Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer

Lung Cancer

  • Lung Cancer Online Resources on lung cancer for patients and families compiled by a librarian who is a lung cancer survivor.

Ovarian Cancer

  • National Ovarian Cancer Coalition Mission is to save women's lives by raising awareness about ovarian cancer and to promote education throughout the general population and the medical community.

    Pancreatic Cancer

    • Pancreatica provides a database of clinical trials on pancreatic cancer, current and topical scientific and medical information about pancreatic cancer presented in the "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ), "Pancreatic Cancer News and Archives" and Newswire sections.

    Pediatric Cancer

    • Children's Cancer Web Resources Guide to Internet Resources for Childhood Cancer from Children's Cancer Research Unit, Department of Child Health, University of Newcastle, UK. Its aim is to facilitate finding specific, web based childhood cancer information.
    • Outlook: Life Beyond Childhood Cancer A resource for childhood cancer survivors and their families.

    Prostate Cancer

    Non-English Language Resources

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