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How do I get it?
Just email Roger Kramer. It's available for the price of your email address. And that's only so we know who's using it, and can send update notifications.

No more releases of Px

We are planning a major change of direction for the second version of "Px." It will include the visualization capabilities of the current version but quite a lot more. More news forthcoming on that. This is the last release.


For each release the following lists bugs that are known about. Quirks aren't bugs. That is, they're not programming mistakes. They're scenarios in which the program is behaving perfectly, but it's behavior should probably be changed...usually because it's not very friendly.

1.31 (3 Dec 04)


  1. Fixed incorrect gene id translation affecting human, worm, and possibly fly.

Known bugs

  1. If only one attribute column is present in ORF (top) data table, you won't be able to display it as a label on nodes in a graph.
  2. Gene/protein Id's that map to 0 will trigger warnings, but otherwise are accepted.

Known quirks

  1. Don't use numbers with decimal points in an expression that references a column with an integer data type in queries (that is, when using Select | ORFs... or Select | Interactions... menu commands). The parser will choke on perfectly reasonable-looking expressions if the types don't correspond. e.g. $some_attribute < 0.1 will fail, probably with a "Syntax error" message accusing the decimal point if 'some_attribute' is an integer-typed column.

1.3 (26 Nov 04)

  1. Support added for multiple organisms' gene identifiers. Choice is made in a System Preferences panel.

The last public release was 1.24 around 20 August 2004. No further work was done on it until November at which point it's structure changed significantly.

Last update: Wed May 7 2:06 EST 2007