Benefits and Perks

You'll get more out of a career at Massachusetts General Hospital. Besides the support and room you need to grow, we are firm believers in a strong work/life balance so that you may advance both personally and professionally. Our elaborate and competitive compensation package will provide you with the resources and comfort you need to succeed

• FLEX For Your Personal Benefit
• Medical Coverage
• Prescription Drug Coverage
• Dental Coverage
• Vision
• Paid Time Off
Fitness Benefit
• Disability
• Life/Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
• Flexible Spending Accounts
• Tuition Reimbursement
• Work/Life Resources
• Retirement Plan

FLEX For Your Personal Benefit:
Massachusetts General Hospital is pleased to offer FLEX For Employees' Personal Benefit. FLEX is a comprehensive program that gives you a choice about how to allocate the dollars MGH makes available as part of your total compensation package. FLEX is designed to reflect personal choice by allowing you to select the options that best meet your needs and the needs of your family. Each year you are given an opportunity to reassess your needs and change your choices to continually meet the needs you face as you move through different life stages. MGH provides Benefits Credits that are part of your total compensation package and can be used to purchase benefits that meet your personal needs. You may receive two types of Benefit Credits under FLEX:
• Medical participation credits are used to purchase healthcare coverage and will vary depending on what type of healthcare coverage you elect (employee only, employee + spouse/same-sex partner, employee + children, or family);
• Basic credits are used to purchase your other benefits. To be eligible for benefits, you must be regularly scheduled to work at least 20 hours a week. Credits are prorated for part time employees.
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Medical Coverage:
You have a selection of five plans, representing the full spectrum of healthcare program offerings from fee-for-service to HMOs: Master Health Plus, Partners Plus, Partners Value, Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan and Tufts Health Plan. You receive medical participation credits (only if you elect medical coverage) toward the purchase of health coverage, which varies depending on your level of coverage: employee only, employee + spouse/same-sex partner, employee + children, or family.
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Prescription Drug Coverage:
When you enroll in an MGH medical plan, you will receive prescription drug coverage through Merck Medco. Merck Medco offers both retail and mail order drug coverage for a co-payment based on drug designation: generic, preferred brand and non-preferred brand.
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Dental Coverage:
You may select from two Delta Dental plans: Major and Basic Dental, and may elect from the following coverage levels: employee only, employee + spouse/same-sex partner, employee + children, or family.
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Davis Vision provides coverage for basic vision services using a network of participating optometrists. A reduced level of benefit is available for out-of-network services. You may elect from the following levels of coverage: employee only, employee + spouse/same-sex partner, employee + children, or family.
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Paid Time Off:
MGH employees accrue a bank of earned time (used for holidays, illness, vacation or personal days) based on years of service and standard hours. Your earned time accrues over the course of a year, with new employees earning 29 days annually (prorated for part-time employees). MGH observes nine core holidays which come out of your earned time bank.
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Fitness Benefit:
Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) acquired The Clubs at Charles River Park in May 1, 2001 in order to provide enhanced health and fitness benefits to its employees. The health club, is a full-service fitness center located behind the hospital, near the sign "If You Lived Here You'd Be Home Now." The Clubs' features include:

  • A wide range of cardiovascular and strength training equipment
  • Group fitness classes including pilates, yoga, group cycling and kickboxing
  • Outdoor pool
  • Indoor lap pool
  • Orientation session with a personal trainer included in cost of membership
  • Men's and women's steam room, sauna and locker room
  • Complimentary towel service
  • Validated parking
  • Cabanas and outdoor cafe open during the summer months

All benefits-eligible MGH employees or MGH based Partners Corporate employees can join The Clubs at a special hospital subsidized rate of $40 per month or $9.23 per week. For added convenience, the rate is automatically deducted from employees' paychecks. Personal lockers may be rented for $6 per month.

Hours of Operations
Monday through Friday, 5:30 am to 10 pm
Saturday and Sunday, 8 am to 8 pm

Contact Us
617.726.2900 or
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A separate accrual of Extended Sick Leave (ESL) is used for short-term illnesses. ESL accrues annually at the rate of one times an employee's weekly standard hours. Employees may purchase group Long-Term Disability coverage that replaces 60% of pre-disability income (up to a monthly maximum of $6,000 after 3 months of disability) with specified offsets for other benefits you receive on account of disability.
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Life/Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance:
MGH provides one times your pay in Life Insurance coverage. You may choose to purchase additional life insurance and/or AD&D insurance to increase your level of coverage, or you may purchase coverage for your spouse/same-sex partner or dependents.
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Flexible Spending Accounts:
You may establish a reimbursement account for Health Care and/or Dependent Care expenses. The Health Care Account yearly maximum is $3000.00 pre-tax, and the Dependent Care account yearly maximum is $5000.00 per family pre-tax. Retirement: The MGH Cash Balance Retirement Plan assists employees with financial security in retirement. Once you are eligible, your account is credited with an amount based on age, annual pay and length of service. MGH also offers Tax Sheltered Annuities (403(b)) that permit you to voluntarily save for retirement on a pre-tax basis with the following vendors: TIAA-Cref, Fidelity and Vanguard.
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Tuition Reimbursement:
Depending upon the number of standard hours per workweek and length of service, employees can receive up to $2000 for degreed program courses and up to $750 for approved certifications.
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Work/Life Resources:
There are a wide variety of resources available to assist MGH employees with maintaining a healthy balance. Our Employee Assistance Program, childcare and eldercare programs and referrals and back-up childcare all help our employees meet the challenges of balancing work and family.
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Massachusetts General Hospital is an Equal Employment/Affirmative Action Employer.