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Patients' Rights
Staff Languages
Non-Staff Languages
Off Hours & Holidays
Deaf & Hard Of Hearing
  1. Identify patient’s language. If unknown, click on the Language Map.

  2. For staff and non-staff languages schedule interpreters through MGPO/IDX, at least 24 to 48hrs in advance. Click here for the MGPO/IDX Interpreter Booking Procedures Form. Click on MGPO/IDX Visit Types for a list of language codes.

  3. For Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients schedule in advance American Sign Language Medical Interpreters by calling our department (617) 726-6966.

  4. For unforeseen medical interpreter needs during office hours, contact us.

  5. Off hours, page the beepers assigned for Off Hours and Holidays.

Our department will arrange an interpreter either face to face or over the phone (for spoken languages) and will keep you updated.

First priority is given to emergency situations, then to scheduled appointments, and then to same day requests.