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  • Served by a pool of freelance medical interpreters, who are off site
  • Need authorization from the Interpreter Services to come to the hospital
  • Need authorizing signatures from providers when encounter is completed.

Schedule medical interpreters through MGPO/IDX at least 24 to 48hrs in advance for encounters such as:

  • physician or therapist scheduled appointments
  • scheduled tests
  • to get consents for scheduled procedures
  • inpatient consults
  • physician rounds
  • family meetings
  1. Click on MGPO/IDX Visit Types for a list of language codes.
  2. For unforeseen interpreter needs during office hours contact us.
  3. During off hours, page the specific language beepers assigned for Off Hours and Holidays.
  4. For languages not listed contact us.

Unforeseen requests might take up to one hour to be met or the services might need to be provided over the phone.