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This practice specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and care of individuals with illnesses and infections most common or unique to tropical climates or the developing world, illnesses with specific geographic distributions, illnesses contracted from animals, and illnesses transmitted through insect bites, including viral, bacterial, mycobacterial, fungal, parasitic and ectoparasitic infections. The practice specializes in the care of the returned adult and pediatric traveler, as well as care of immigrants, refugees, and others with international or special/unique infectious exposures. Full diagnostic laboratory facilities are available on site, including full parasitology, viral, bacterial, mycobacterial, fungal and serology laboratories. Full translation services and an outpatient pharmacy are available on-site. Telemedicine consultation is available. Please bring all pertinent medical records, radiographic studies and laboratory results to the practice at the time of the appointment.


Cox Building, 5th Floor, Massachusetts General Hospital


For directions, appointments and clinic information, please call (617) 724-6454

Please call 866-211-6588 to register with the Hospital before calling to make and appointment

Hours (by appointment only):

Please call (617) 724-6454 to schedule an appointment.
* Please request a medical interpreter if required.


All insurance carriers are welcome; however, many insurance carriers require prior authorization and referral from a primary care provider. It should be noted that not all services may be covered by an insurance carrier even with prior authorization. Self-pay is welcome. Free care is available for individuals who require financial assistance; such care may be obtained through the MGH Patient Financial Services.


The practice is staffed by a team of individuals specifically trained in Tropical Medicine, International Health, and parasitology. All physicians are specialists in Infectious Diseases and Tropical & Geographic Medicine.

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