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Anesthesia & The Ether Dome
In October 16, 1846, in an operating theater at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. William T.G. Morton performed a startling public demonstration.


Bone Density Center
The history of the Bone Density Center at Massachusetts General Hospital encompasses major technological innovations that have improved the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis and other generalized bone diseases.


Cardiology Department
In 1913, Paul Dudley White, fresh from an internship in pediatrics and a year of residency in internal medicine, was sent to England to work with Thomas Lewis. Lewis was widely recognized as a leading investigator in the field of cardiac physiology.


MGH Chaplaincy
In the 1930's, MGH played a key leadership role in the development of hospital-based pastoral care. In 1934 the nationally first Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Program in a general hospital setting was offered at the MGH.


Neurosurgery Department
The early history of the Massachusetts General Hospital is reviewed with emphasis on the development of neurological surgery.


MGH Nursing
“We offer to you then ... kind nurses, whose only duty and occupation it is to watch and provide for the sick, proper and nourishing food, rest and tranquility... "

From an Address to the Trustees by Rufus Wyman. January 10, 1822    History


Pathology Department
The rich history of pathology at the Massachusetts General Hospital goes back to soon after the founding of the hospital in 1811 when limited autopsies were done by physicians and surgeons.

  Patient & Family Learning Center
On March 1, 1999, in response to feedback the hospital received from the public, the Blum Patient and Family Learning Center opened as the consumer health library of The Massachusetts General Hospital.

  MGH Photography Department
Medicine and photography joined hands at the MGH more than 125 years ago. Pictures then were known as daguerrotypes. They were light-sensitive, silver-coated metallic plates which picked up images and were developed in mercury vapor.


Psychiatry at MGH
A historical perspective of MGH Psychiatry...


Social Service
In the early 1900's, the social work movement in America created many programs and services that we largely take for granted today.


Thoracic Surgery Department
The Massachusetts General Hospital is one of a small group of institutions in North America, and indeed in the world, where chest surgery began over sixty years ago.


Treadwell Library
In 1858, Dr. John Treadwell bequeathed 2,500 volumes to the library that would soon bear his name.

  Urology Department
Since 1911, MGH Urology has enjoyed a pre-eminent reputation throughout the world for excellence in the treatment of urologic disease. The service is comprised of a patient care division, a teaching and education division and a research laboratory division.


Vincent Obstetrics and Gynecology Service
The MGH Vincent Obstetrics and Gynecology Service boasts a proud heritage that spans more than a century. What fuels the progress for which it have been known for more than l00 years is a spirit of collaboration.

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