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Guidelines for Research Fellows


The Guidelines were updated on March 20, 2008.
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Guidelines for Research Fellows
Complete Guidelines for Research Fellows (Postdoctoral Policy)
APPENDIX A - Model MGH Employment Letter (PDF) (DOC)
APPENDIX B - Model MGH Reappointment Letter (PDF) (DOC)
APPENDIX C - Model MGH Termination Letter (PDF) (DOC)
APPENDIX D - Appointment Extension Request: Exception to Five-Year Limit
  (PDF) (DOC)
APPENDIX E - Progress and Annual Career Planning (PDF) (DOC)

Please click here for the Postdoctoral Fellow Salary Policy.


Please ciick here for the Intellectual Property Certification Form.


Please note the locations of the following documents:

MGH Professional Staff Bylaws

PHS Research Integrity Policy

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