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  Industry Exploration Program


The Industry Exploration Program (IEP) was initiated by the Massachusetts General Hospital Postdoc Association (MGPA) in collaboration with the MGH Office for Research Career Development (ORCD) and Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation (MBEF) in 2009-2010.

The program strives to fill an unmet need for postdoctoral fellows that are trained to excel in academia, yet are rarely provided with a broad understanding of careers beyond academia.

Participating companies select postdocs with similar scientific interests to spend ONE day on site to interact with industry scientists that have successfully transitioned into the biotech industry and learn about career options at that company.

In 2011, the IEP Program expanded to include more organizations. Read about it at MassBioEd.

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The Industry Exploration Program (IEP) is a win-win partnership as it serves to benefit both companies as well as postdocs.

It is not a job interview.

Advantages to Postdocs:

  • Explore research in a corporate setting.
  • Insight into the culture of different companies.
  • A deeper appreciation for what it is like to work in industry.
  • Learn how to prepare for the transition from academia to industry.
  • Engage in scientific discussions with industry experts.
  • Establish potential scientific collaborations.
  • Career guidance.

Advantages to Companies:

  • Meet and interact with academic scientists.
  • Exchange of ideas fostering scientific collaborations.
  • Improvement of the companyís perception among postdoc scientists.
  • Establishment of a working relationship with local academic institutes.
  • Potential employee recruitment possibilities.

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How to join

Interested postdocs must do the following (in this order):

The ORCD will then confirm that each step above has been completed and approve your profile on the IEP website. Once approved, companies will be able to view your profile and indicate an interest in inviting you to visit their site.

If you have questions about any of the material in the Intellectual Property module, or about how the intellectual property guidelines pertain to your research and ideas, please contact the MGH/Partners Research Ventures and Licensing Office.

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Tips from the MGPA

Recommendations for your IEP biosketch-

Answering these questions will help companies know who you are.
  • What is your specialty?
  • What techniques are you proficient in?
  • Why did you choose the lab you are in?
  • What are your long term goals?
  • Are there areas of the biotech industry that interest you?
  • Going over the 250 word limit.
    The website will not accept more than 250 words so avoid having a sentence cut off in the middle.
  • Including dataóDONíT do this.
    This summary should be about you and is not an abstract!
  • Donít just take what is on your labís website and paste into the form.
    Make it personal.

Tips on how companies choose candidates-

- Companies will use a keyword search tool to identify postdocs with similar interests and/or expertise.

- Companies select candidates based on: Degree, postdoc focus, research skills, 250-word essay on current and future research interests.

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Example format of a company visit

  • An introductory session (company structure, size, and/or mission statement).
  • A tour of facility.
  • A panel discussion with company scientists describing their career path, daily work in industry, company culture, etc.
  • Multiple 1-on-1 conversations with scientists matched with postdoc interest to discuss science, transition from academia into industry, career paths, etc.
  • A panel discussion of careers in industry outside of bench-work research.
  • A presentation by the HR representative to discuss benefits, hiring process etc.
At the conclusion of each visit, participants are required to fill out a survey documenting their experience.

Please contact the ORCD with any further questions at

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