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The Office for Clinical Careers (OCC) at MGH is a branch of the Center for Faculty Development (CFD) and was created to facilitate the career advancement of clinical faculty.


The OCC, Office for Clinical Careers, facilitates the career advancement and promotion of clinical faculty at the MGH. Areas of emphasis for this office are to:

  • Develop and implement programs to promote career development.
  • Provide support and education regarding the promotion process.
  • Enhance clinical practice/practice management.
  • Encourage work life balance.
  • Provide individual counseling, advice and support.

OCC Advisory Council

The OCC Council is comprised of senior faculty members and hospital leadership who meet twice a year to provide oversight and review OCC priorities and activities.
Members Include:

Jonathan Alpert, MD, PhD
Hasan Bazari, MD
Beverly M.K. Biller, MD
Michael L. Blute, Sr., MD
Alasdair K. Conn, MD

John Herman, MD
Alexandra Kimball, MD, MPH
Anne Klibanski, MD
Donna Lawton, MS
Patricia O’Malley, MD
Nancy Rigotti, MD
Laura E. Riley, MD
Celeste Robb-Nicholson, MD
Theodore Stern, MD

OCC Committee

The OCC Committee is comprised of faculty members and hospital leadership who meet four times a year to take a more active role to help identify needs, as well as to design and implement activities.
Members Include:

Annah Abrams, MD
Miriam Bredella, MD
Benjamin T. Davis, MD
Vicki A. Jackson, MD
Donna Lawton, MS
Alberto Puig, MD, PhD
Steven C. Schlozman, MD
Theodore Stern, MD
Torunn Yock, MD
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