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Financial Planning Benefit

The MGPO and MGH have created a financial planning program benefit for professional staff to help you prepare for all states of life.

The Program is available to all benefits-eligible professional staff once every five years based on your hire date. For example, in 2011, those hired in 2006, 2001, 1996, etc., with at least five years of service, are eligible.
There are two exceptions:

   • If you are age 65 or older, you are eligible for the initial benefit at any time      regardless of your hire date, then once every 5 years thereafter
   • If you are a newly hired Professional Staff member, you are eligible for the      initial benefit during your first year of service, then once every 5 years      thereafter.

In these turbulent economic times, it makes even more sense to attend to our personal finances and learn how to:

   • Focus on both short and long-term goals
   • Plan, manage and allocate savings optimally
   • Maximize retirement savings
   • Ensure appropriate insurance protection
   • Better understand the many options available through the Professional Staff      Benefits Program

The Program will help you with those goals by offering access to these benefits:

   • Reimbursement of up to $1,500 for financial planning during the eligible      year
   • Help choosing a financial planner: list of reviewed financial service providers      available upon request
   • Planning services, including retirement, life insurance needs, wills and      trusts.

To help you get started, visit Resources/Financial-Planning-Program.aspx for the information below:

   • Reimbursement Guidelines
   • Reimbursement Form and Survey
   • Frequently Asked Questions
   • Reviewed Provider List
   • CFB Board’s Consumer Guide to Financial Self Defense
   • Financial Planning Article #1
   • Financial Planning Article #2
   • Online reimbursements form and survey

Please direct questions or comments to:

You may also contact Kathleen Ryan, Program Manager or at 617. 726. 6971.

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