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Continuing Education Opportunities

The Academy at Harvard Medical School

The Academy is established to advance the education of physicians and scientists throughout the Harvard Medical School community. In addition to sustaining and building upon the work of the Center for Teaching and Learning, the professional development arm of The Academy, they work closely with the Graduate programs, the Program in Medical Education at HMS, and with the evolving educational centers at many of our hospitals.


Continuing Medical Education

Our affiliated institutions offer diverse, multi-faceted learning opportunities to meet the continuing medical education (CME) program needs of Partners professionals. This ensures they remain updated on the most recent advancements and research findings in the medical industry.


Harvard Catalyst Advanced Curriculum Compendium

Over the past several years, the landscape of clinical investigation has undergone dramatic changes. New tools have transformed the magnitude and scope of clinical investigation and changes in regulatory practices have altered how we conduct these studies. To prepare clinical investigators for the challenges that lie ahead, the Harvard Catalyst Advanced Curriculum Compendium (ACC) has been developed to provide clinical investigators with opportunities for continuing education in clinical investigation beyond the introductory level.

Through a searchable online catalog, the Advanced Curriculum Compendium offers educational opportunities to learn new methods or update existing clinical investigative skills. The compendium consists of lectures, seminars, and courses that target core competencies fundamental to successful clinical investigation.


Harvard's Center for Workplace Development

The Center offers comprehensive career consulting services to faculty. It's programs have become a valuable benefit that affirms management commitment to support and encourage individual career growth and professional development.


Medical Research Education for Researchers
Various education opportunities are available to researchers through Partners affiliates, including:
   •Brigham and Women’s Center for Clinical Investigation
   •Massachusetts General Hospital Clinical Research Program
   •Harvard Medical Community Events Calendar


Harvard Macy Institute

Since its inception in 1994, the Harvard Macy Institute has trained over 2,000 health care educators worldwide, through three highly regarded continuing education programs offered annually. The major objective of these programs is to help participants -- whether they chair departments, serve as academic deans, direct training programs, or create curricula -- develop the strategies and skills required to lead organizational change and drive innovation. The faculty who have participated in the Institute's programs have developed into an international alumni community committed to a lively ongoing dialogue on health care education reform and innovation.

Established with a grant from the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation, the Institute is a collaborative effort of Harvard Medical School, the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Harvard Business School. Preeminent Harvard faculty members like Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong (HMS), Dr. Clay Christensen (HBS), and Dr. Robert Kegan (HGSE) work with colleagues from leading institutions around the world to design and implement the programs. Many program alumni return to the Institute to serve as faculty.


Office of Graduate Medical Education

The Office of Graduate Medical Education provides support, coordination, oversight, and programming to enhance the quality of residency and fellowship education at Partners. The Office of Graduate Medical Education:

   • Provides core educational programming through workshops and retreats for
     trainees, program directors, and program staff;

   • Supports GME program improvement through internal reviews,
     accreditation-related activities, and the involvement of Education Specialists;

   • Addresses issues related to resident and fellow quality of life;

   • Supports the work of hospital and Partners education committees;

   • Provides forums for communication with internal constituencies and serves
     as the liaison to national organizations;

   • Collects, tracks, and reports a variety of data;

   • Works to optimize the Infrastructure for education;

   • Implements strategic initiatives to enhance educational quality and support
    trainees’ career development, such as the “Centers of Expertise” and the
    initiative to advance medical education related research.



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