Center for Faculty Development - A Resource for Faculty
About CFD


The impetus to create a Center for Faculty Development came to the forefront in 2004 out of concern about the importance of improving the climate for the faculty/professional staff. Improving the work lives and career satisfaction of the faculty was deemed critical in order to be able to recruit and retain the best and the brightest.

The primary focus of this center is to offer a comprehensive and innovative program to maximize professional success for faculty. The Center is a place to equip faculty with necessary skills and competencies, offer opportunities to network with colleagues, and provide guidance and education around career development and advancement.

The Center for Faculty Development serves as an umbrella organization to serve the needs of all faculty and has three branch offices. The OCC, Office for Clinical Careers, which was created to facilitate the career advancement of clinical faculty, the OWC, Office for Women's Careers, whose focus is on specific issues facing the advancement and leadership of women faculty, and the ORCD, Office for Research Career Development, which addresses issues unique to the researchers at the institution.

Office for Women's Careers Center for Faculty Development Office for Research Career Development