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Seminar Series:

During the academic year the CVRC invites distinguished local, regional, national, and global investigators to present their work for the seminar series each Tuesday. The selected speakers draw upon a range of topics related to the research at the Cardiovascular Research Center and allow for a period of scientific discussion. Light refreshments are served.

Seminars are held Tuesday at 4:00PM in the CVRC Lecture Hall (Room 4501) Bldg. 149, 13th Street., 4th Floor at the Charlestown Navy Yard, unless otherwise noted.

MGH security requires a RSVP for entrance to the lecture hall if you do not have a Partners photo identification card. Please email Lauren Tse if you plan to attend.

Fall 2010

Haifan Lin, PhD
Yale University
Director, Yale Stem Cell Center
Title TBA
September 14
Host: Zhong Wang, PhD

Kathy Flanders, PhD
National Institutes of Health
Center for Cancer Research
September 21

Merry Lindsey, PhD
UT Health Science Center, San Antonio
Division of Cardiology
Title TBA
October 19
Host: Marielle Scherrer-Crosbie, MD

Howard Rockman, MD
Duke University
Chief, Cardiovascular Medicine
Title TBA
October 26
Host: Ken Chien, MD, PhD

Heather Clark, PhD
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Pharmacy
Northeastern University
November 9
Host: David Milan, MD

Spring 2011

Masaki Ieda, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Dept of Cardiology
Keio University School of Medicine/Tokoyo
Title TBA
Feb 8
Host: Sean Wu, MD

Iris Jaffe, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Tufts Medical Center
Title TBA
March 8
Host: Ken Bloch, MD

Todd Evan, PhD
Cornell University
Title TBA
March 22
Host: Caroline Burns, PhD

Brian Black, PhD
University of California, San Francisco
Cardiovascular Research Institute
Title TBA
March 29
Host: Ibrahim Domian, MD, PhD

Ajit Varki, MD
University of California, San Diego
Title TBA
April 19
Host: David Milan, MD

Lionel Opie, MD, DPhil, DSc, FRCP
Hatter Institute for Cardiology Research, Cape Town
Title TBA
April 26
Host: Kenneth Chien, MD, PhD

Shoukhrat Mitalipov, PhD
Associate Scientist
Dept of Cardiology
Oregon Stem Cell Center
Title TBA
May 17
Host: Dmitriy Atochin, PhD

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