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Improving Quality and Achieving Equity:
A Guide for Hospital Leaders

Chapter 6: Resources (pdf)

  1. The Institute of Medicine report Unequal Treatment: Confronting Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care.

  2. HRET Disparities Toolkit: A Toolkit for Collecting Race, Ethnicity and Primary Language from Patients.

  3. Creating Equity Reports: A Guide for Hospitals.

  4. The Joint Commission’s Hospital, Language and Culture: A Snapshot of the Nation study.
    1. One Size Does Not Fit All: Meeting the Health Care Needs of Diverse Populations
    2. Exploring Cultural and Linguistic Services in the Nation’s Hospitals: A Report of Findings

  5. The Office of Minority Health:

  6. The Office of Minority Health’s Final Report on National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services in Health Care.

  7. Assuring Healthcare Equity: A Healthcare Equity Blueprint.

  8. National Quality Forum Report.

  9. The MGH Disparities Committee at Massachusetts General Hospital:

  10. The MGH Disparities Dashboard at Massachusetts General Hospital:

  11. Hablamos Juntos which has the latest information on interpreter services.

  12. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Speaking Together: National Language Service Network Toolkit This toolkit provides advice to hospitals on improving quality and accessibility of language services.

  13. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Expecting Success: Excellence in Cardiac Care ( aimed at improving quality of cardiac care while reducing racial, ethnic and language disparities and their toolkit available at

  14. Hospitals interviewed for this guide:
    1. Baylor Health Care System –
    2. Contra Costa Health Services –
    3. Cooper Green Mercy Hospital –
    4. Duke University Health System –
    5. Henry Ford Health System –
    6. Los Angeles County and University of Southern California Healthcare Network –
    7. Massachusetts General Hospital –
    8. Montefiore Medical Center –
    9. Seattle Children’s Hospital –
    10. University of Mississippi Medical Center –

  15. Disparities Solutions Center Archived Web Seminars:
    1. Improving Quality and Achieving Equity: A Guide for Hospital Leaders
    2. Getting Started: Building a Foundation to Address Disparities through Data Collection
    3. Getting it Right: Navigating the Complexities of Collecting Race/Ethnicity Data
    4. Collecting Race and Ethnicity Data is Not Enough: Measuring and Reporting Disparities
    5. Creating Equity Reports: A Guide for Hospitals
    6. Using Multi-Disciplinary Teams to Address Disparities:
      Navigators, Health Coaches and Community Health Workers
    7. QI and the EMR:  Identifying and Addressing Disparities in Chronic Disease Management
    8. Improving Quality and Addressing Disparities: Accreditation Standards, Market-Strategies and Levers for Action

  16. PowerPoint presentations
    1. Improving Quality and Achieving Equity: A Guide for Hospital Leaders (pdf)
    2. Disparities and Quality: Why Now and What Are We Doing About It? (pdf)
    3. Leading Change (pdf)

  17. Peer-reviewed Articles (See Appendix G )

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