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On-Line Donations / How to Make A Donation
Donations for diabetes research can be made on-line. Clicking on the links below will take you to the MGH Giving page. Donations made will go directly to the MGH Diabetes Program.

Donations can be made for Research of Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

If you have questions, please contact the MGH Development Office:
SupportDiabetes@partners.org Please include your phone number and a convenient time to call if you would like to speak with someone about making a gift or pledge.

The goal of MGH Diabetes Center is to develop and implement innovative therapies that will benefit the lives of people with diabetes and to increase public awareness of this disease and ways to control it.

The unique organization of the MGH Diabetes Center, integrating both clinical and research activities, has helped make the Diabetes Center a recognized leader in this field. What is learned in the lab helps to improve patient care; what we learn from patients helps inform our research activities.

Your Support Can Make the Difference

The source of the funding for the clinical research activities in the MGH Diabetes Center has come almost entirely from NIH and foundation grants. This funding is ear-marked for specific projects and protocols, allowing little flexibility or opportunity to fund the type of innovative clinical research that the Diabetes Center aims to conduct and provide hope of significant advances.

Flexible funds to foster new initiatives, to support researchers who need the funds to pursue innovative approaches and research, are critically needed. Many of the exciting breakthroughs that occur in clinical research and lead to the development of new therapies require this type of initial backing, which is almost never available from government, corporate or foundation sources.

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