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The Massachusetts General Hospital Diabetes Self Management Education Programs can assist you in learning how to manage all aspects of your diabetes.  Keeping your blood sugar levels in the normal range can make a big difference now and in the future.  You have the power to successfully manage your diabetes!

Diabetes Education Programs
Each participating Massachusetts General Hospital practice offers a complete program for adult patients with Type 1 and 2 diabetes. 


The programs begin with an individual assessment by a diabetes educator.  You may then proceed on to group classes.  Group classes offer an interactive session to learn from your peers.  Classes are led by an educator who is extremely knowledgeable in the field of diabetes.

During your diabetes education, you will learn specifics about:

* General Facts about Diabetes

*Type 1


*Type 2

* Nutrition
  Carbohydrate Counting
* Exercise
* Long Term and Immediate Complications
  Insulin (if applicable)
* Oral Medications
* Blood Glucose Monitoring
* Psychological Aspects of Diabetes
* Personal Strategies and Support Systems

Referrals are necessary to enroll in a program and must be conducted by your primary care physician (PCP).  Please click here for a link to our referral form.
Once the referral form is signed you can mail/fax or give it to the diabetes educator who will be working with you on diabetes education.

Class Schedules and Costs
Class schedules vary by practice.  Please contact the practice closest to you for information.  These programs are covered by most insurance groups including Medicare.  Please confirm with your insurance provider to verify your benefits before scheduling an appointment!

Practices with Diabetes Education Programs :

Bulfinch Medical Group
Charlestown HealthCare Center (Bunker Hill)
Chelsea Health Center
Diabetes Associates (Diabetes Center)

Internal Medicine Associates

Revere Health Center
Women's Health Associates

For further questions, please contact Sandy O'Keefe, Diabetes Program Manager, at 617-724-9508 or smokeefe@partners.org.

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