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November 2007   Managing Diabetes: Advancements on Other Fronts
D. L. Faustman
May 2005   The therapeutic potential of tumor necrosis factor for autoimmune disease: a mechanistically based hypothesis
S. Kodama, M. Davis and D. L. Faustman
2005, In-press   Regenerative medicine: a radical reappraisal of the spleen  Shohta Kodama1, Miriam Davis2 and Denise L. Faustman
January 2005

  Diabetes and Stem Cell Researchers Turn to the Lowly Spleen
S. Kodama, M. Davis, D. L. Faustman
Splenic stem cells might offer hope for the treatment of aging-related disease.
November 2003  
Islet regeneration during the reversal of autoimmune diabetes in NOD mice.
Shohta Kodama, Willem Ku¨htreiber, Satoshi Fujimura, Elizabeth A. Dale, Denise L. Faustman
Regeneration during the reversal of diabetes.
July 2001   Reversal of established autoimmune diabetes by restoration of endogenous ß cell function
Shinichiro Ryu, Shohta Kodama, Kazuko Ryu, David A. Schoenfeld, and Denise L. Faustman
February 2000   Essential Role of Human Leukocyte Antigen-encoded Proteasome Subunits in NF-kB Activation and Prevention of Tumor Necrosis Factor-a-induced Apoptosis
Takuma Hayashi and Denise Faustman
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