Lynda Stuart Lab

Lynda Stuart Laboratory

The Stuart laboratory is one of the six independent, interdisciplinary, collaborative laboratories that make up the Developmental Immunology in the Department of Pediatrics at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School.
In addition the Stuart Lab is affiliated to the MGH Center for Computational and Integrative Biology (CCIB ).

The overall interest of the lab is the innate immune system and phagocytosis. We use a variety of systems based approaches (e.g. proteomics, RNAi, computational anlysis, knockout animals) and move freely between model organisms and mammalian systems, allowing rapid transition from gene discovery to function.

Lynda Stuart is a physician-scientist who received her medical degrees from University of Cambridge and University of London, UK and PhD from University of Edinburgh. Her postdoctoral training was in the laboratory of Alan Ezekowitz at MGH/Harvard Medical School. Her interest is in the role of phagocytosis both in the context of tissue remodeling and host-pathogen interactions.

Major collaborators:

Joel Bader, Johns Hopkins University : Bader Lab

Michel Desjardins, University of Montreal : Desjardins Lab