Welcome to Jackson 14th floor


Department of Pediatrics, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Innate immunity is the first line host defense against pathogens and also contributes to regulating adaptive immune responses and inflammation. Developmental immunology is one of the major basic science research programs within the MGH Department of Pediatrics. The eight principal investigators focus on molecular mechanisms of innate immunity, making us one of the largest groups at MGH/Harvard Medical School dedicated to the study of innate immunity in health and disease. Specifically we are interested in the role of innate immunity in inflammation, autoimmune disease and regeneration and how these processes are regulated in the lung, kidney and GI tract. We study various model organisms such as mice, fruit flies, nematodes, and flat worms and utilize a number of cutting-edge technologies including molecular, biochemical, cell biological, and systems biology based approaches.

Where we are:

The laboratories are located on the main campus of Massachusetts General Hospital is in the heart of Boston. The MGH main campus is within easy accessed to the Redline T stop and has excellent communication links to MIT and the Longwood Medical area. The laboratory space is situated on the 14th floor of the Jackson building overlooking Beacon Hill and the Charles River.

You can follow this link to find us on Google Maps