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Days of Molecular Medicine 2010
Systems Biology Approaches to Cancer and Metabolic Disease
Thursday, May 20th - Saturday, May 22nd
Karolinska Institutet / Jacob Berzelius Hall
Stockholm, Sweden
Event Flyer (.PDF)    
Event Program (.PDF)    
Thursday, May 20th    
Noon Registration Begins  
1:30 PM Opening Remarks  
2:00 PM Keynote Address  
  George Church  
  Harvard Medical School  

Technologies for Reading, Writing & Arithmetic of Omes

3:00 PM Break  
Session One: Innovative Technologies in Systems Biology  
Chair: Goran Hansson, Karolinska Institutet  
3:30 PM Michael Snyder  
  Stanford University School of Medicine  

Transcription Binding Variation in Eucaryotes

4:00 PM Ruedi Aebersold  
  ETH Zurich, Institute of Molecular Systems Biology

Proteomic analysis of Pertubed Networks in Cancer, In Situ and Remotely

4:30 PM Effat Emamian (Short Talk)  
  Advanced Technologies for Novel Therapeutics  
  Molecular Fault Diagnosis Engineering: A Novel Systems Biology Approach for Finding Faulty Molecules in Complex Human Disorders
4:50 PM Lani Wu  
  University of Texas Southwestern  
  Cellular Heterogeneity in Models of Cancer and Metabolism: Which Differences Make a Difference?  
5:30 PM Tour Sci Life Lab at KI  
7:00 PM Welcome Reception  (The City Hall of Stockholm)  
Friday, May 21st    
Session Two: Systems Level Approaches to Cancer  
Chair: Steven Altschuler, University of Texas Southwestern  
8:30 AM Registration  
9:00 AM Aviv Regev  
  The Broad Institute  
  Unbiased Reconstruction of Mammalian Regulatory Networks  
9:30 AM Scott W. Lowe  
  Howard Hughes Medical Institute & Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory  

Constructing and Deconstructing Cancer using Mouse Models and RNAi

10:00 AM Catherine Spina (Short Talk)  
  Boston University  
  Rebooting Breast Cancer: Novel Insights from Network Inference
10:20 AM Break  
10:50 AM Judy Lieberman  
  Harvard Medical School  

Tumor Suppressor microRNAs: Master Regulators of Cell Proliferation and Differentiation

11:20 AM Jussi Taipale  
  University of Helsinki and Karolinska Institutet  

Systems Biology of Cancer

Noon Lunch  
12:30 PM Poster Session I  
Session Three: Metabolic Disease from the Systems Perspective  
Chair: Jesper Tegner, Karolinska Institutet  
2:30 PM Juleen R. Zierath  
  Karolinska Institutet  

DNA Methylation in Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity: Influence on Insulin Sensitivity

3:00 PM Debbie M. Muoio  
  Duke University  

Comprehensive Metabolic Profiling for Understanding Obesity-Related Energy Dysregulation

3:30 PM Benjamin T. Bikman (Short Talk)  
  Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School  
  Mechanism of Inflammation-Induced Insulin Resistance: Reliance of Toll-Like Receptor-4 (TLR4) Action on Ceramide Synthesis Reveals Roles for Saturated Fatty Acids
3:50 PM Break  
4:20 PM Sadaf Farooqi  
  University of Cambridge  

Molecular Mechanisms Involved in Human Obesity

4:50 PM D. Grahame Hardie  
  University of Dundee  

AMPK as a Drug Target in both Diabetes and Cancer - Too Good to be True?

Trainee Session (5:30 - 6:30 PM)  
Chairs: Nikla Emambokus, Cell Press and Lara Szewczak, Cell Press  
  Jussi Taipale  
  University of Helsinki and Karolinska Institutet  
  Judy Lieberman  
  Harvard Medical School  
  Lani Wu  
  University of Texas Southwestern  
7:30 PM Welcome Drink and Conference Dinner (Moderna Museet)
Saturday, May 22nd    
Session Four: Metabolism and Cancer - Targeting Common Pathways  
Chair: Juleen R. Zieerath, Karolinska Institutet  
8:30 AM Registration  
9:00 AM Lewis Cantley  
  Harvard Medical School  

PI 3-Kinase and Cancer Metabolism

9:30 AM Michael N. Hall  
  University of Basel  

TOR Signaling and the Control of Cell and Animal Growth

10:00 AM Dennis Vitkup (Short Talk)  
  Columbia University  
  Cancer-Induced Changes in Expression of the Human Metabolic Network
10:20 AM Break  
10:50 AM Steve Shoelson  
  Joslin Diabetes Center / Harvard Medical School  

Moving Away from the One Target-One Drug Paradigm in Aging- and Obesity-Related Conditions 

11:20 AM Tak W. Mak  
  University of Toronto  

Tumour Cell Survival under Metabolic Stress

Noon Lunch  
12:30 PM Poster Session II  
Session Five: Systems Biology in Drug Development  
Chair: Hans Jornvall, Karolinska Institutet  
2:30 PM Xiaodong Wang  
  Howard Hughes Medical Institute & University of Texas Southwestern
  Endoplasmic Reticulum UDPase ENDPT-5 Promotes Cell Growth in the PI3K/PTEN Pathway
3:00 PM Philippe Bastiaens  
  Max Plank Institute of Molecular Physiology, Dortmund  
  Spatial Regulation of Growth Factor Signaling  
3:30 PM Steven B. Heymsfield  
  Merck & Co.  

Pharmacologic Agents as Molecular Probes of Human Energy Balance Regulatory Systems

4:00 PM Break  
4:30 PM Giulio Superti-Furga  
  Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences  

Molecular Networks in Leukemia and Innate Immunity

5:00 PM Ravi Iyengar  
  Mount Sinai School of Medicine  

Systems Pharmacology for Adverse Event Prediction and Multi-target Based Therapy

5:30 PM Closing Remarks  

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