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Sean Wu

Sean Wu

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Lab Overview

My research laboratory seeks to identify mechanisms responsible for human congenital heart disease, the most common cause of still-births in the U.S. and one of the major contributors to morbidity and mortality in infants and toddlers. We believe that by understanding the mechanisms regulating growth and differentiation of heart precursor cells during early embryonic development we can then apply these principles to understand the pathogenesis of adult onset heart diseases such as heart failure and arrhythmia where re-activation of early embryonic developmental program plays a central role. We currently use both genetically-modified mice as our living model to understand the biology of heart development as well as embryonic stem cells as a test-tube model to study the process of heart cell formation.

Recent News

    • Wu lab announces discovery of a precursor cell that builds myocardial and
        smooth muscle tissue. See paper at Cell or visit recent news to learn more.

For patients interested in seeing Dr. Wu in his clinical practice, click here to find out more or call 866-MGH-8910.
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