The Cardiovascular Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital

Stanley Y. Shaw, MD, PhD

Stanley Y. Shaw, MD, PhD

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Lab Overview

The overall goal of our research is to discover novel cellular or molecular phenotypes in cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and to link these phenotypes with potential therapies.  To do this, we combine genomics, high-throughput small molecule screens, and nanotechnology, and we utilize patient-derived cells as the model system wherever possible.

The systematic approaches developed in our laboratory allow us to dissect the pathways that differ between any two populations of cells:  e.g., cells from individuals bearing a risk allele vs. a protective allele, or cells from different stages of lineage specification or differentiation.  As a result, application of these approaches to human disease genetics may help assign function to newly discovered susceptibility alleles, and relieve a critical roadblock to clinical translation.  Similarly, application to stem cell biology may identify pathways that can be therapeutically modulated to facilitate regenerative therapies.

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