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Patrick T Ellinor

Patrick T Ellinor

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Lab Overview

The goal of our laboratory work is to use genetics to elucidate the molecular basis underlying abnormalities of the heart rhythm and heart function. Much of our recent work has focused atrial fibrillation which is the most common arrhythmia. To identify novel pathways for atrial fibrillation we are using a broad range of techniques including population genetics, electrophysiology, and animal models of arrhythmias. news:

  • Congratulations to Steve Lubitz for his recent work with Emelia Benjamin at the Framingham Heart Study on familial atrial fibrillation. Steve’s paper recently appeared in JAMA and he was selected as a finalist for the Samuel Levine award at the AHA meeting.
  • Dr. Ellinor received an NIH K24 award for Mentoring in Arrhythmia Research.



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