The Cardiovascular Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital

Chemical biology is an area of increasing importance to biomedical research, and the Cardiovascular Research Center is committed to strengthening its expertise in this area through the expansion of its Chemical Biology Program. The program provides research and training opportunities in the use of chemical approaches for fundamental biological inquiry and development of diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Current areas of focus include cell-based and organism-based high-throughput chemical screening and small molecule target identification. Program expansion through internal growth and external recruiting is planned, with particular interest in applications of chemical biology to stem cell biology, diagnostics, imaging, and drug discovery.

Director: Randall Peterson, PhD
Dr. Peterson directs the Cardiovascular research Center's Chemical Biology Program. Dr. Peterson's research aims to identify chemical compounds that can promote the development of specific cell and tissue types. The human body's ability to generate sufficient numbers of the appropriate types of cells is not only critical for embryonic development but it also influences disease, healing and regeneration. His lab's research endeavors to develop chemical tools that can promote the formation of blood cells, heart cells and blood vessel cells, using the zebrafish as an animal model. You can find out more about Dr. Peterson's research here.
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