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Submit abstracts and manuscripts


  • Congratulations! Your study is now complete. Now is the time to share what you have learned with colleagues and the public.
  • Begin by gathering your results and transforming them into interpretable tables and figures. Be sure to include a biostatistician in this process.
  • It may be useful to first do an oral or poster presentation at a conference of your peers before submitting a manuscript about your study results. The feedback that you receive here can help to inform your writing process.
  • Whether preparing a poster, presentation or manuscript, make sure to discuss authorship with your team members well ahead of time and make sure that everyone is clear about what is expected of them based on this.
  • When writing, be sure to set out reasonable timelines – all authors must read and approve all submissions.
  • If your study was funded by NIH you must comply with the NIH’s Public Access Policy which requires scientists to submit final peer-reviewed journal manuscripts that arise from NIH funds to PubMed Central upon acceptance for publication.


Consultation with Clinical Research Program (CRP) Faculty
Harvard Medical School Authorship Guidelines
NIH Manuscript Submission System
NIH’s Public Access Policy
Poster Printing
PubMed Central
QUOSA Information Manager
Research Misconduct


Basics of Manuscript Writing for Clinical Researchers

Effectively Communicating Research (Harvard Catalyst)
How to Give a Presentation
How to Make a Poster
Publishing Faster: Bridging the Gap Between Electronic Data Capture and the Manuscript Generation Process Quosa and RefWorks trainings offered by the Treadwell Library
Understanding and Writing Clinical Research Literature

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