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Identify a mentor to help hone idea


  • Whether seeking advice on how to ask the right research question, how to best design a new experiment, or how to find all the resources you need to get the job done, mentoring can help to ensure a successful outcome.
  • By serving in the role of a guide, coach, or ally, a mentor can answer questions as they arise for the mentee and thereby ensure steady progress and completion of project milestones.
  • By serving in the role of an advocate, a mentor can help a mentee navigate the terrain of academia and move forward professionally.
  • By providing knowledgeable and strategic advice, a mentor can serve to empower a junior faculty member, postdoc, or fellow to pursue an innovative opportunity.
  • The interest and the support of a mentor often provides the mentee with confidence to undertake a new and exciting challenge and can mean the difference between failure and success.


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