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Educate yourself


  • It’s always important to “do your homework” and make sure that you have the basic knowledge that you need to get your research off the ground successfully.
  • Thankfully, you work at an institution that is rich in educational resources. Please see courses below for the educational opportunities available on the basics of clinical research.
  • This website also serves to provide a basic framework for approaching clinical research. Read on for more!


BWH Patient-Centered Comparative Effectiveness Research Center
Harvard Catalyst Education and Training
MGH Clinical Research Program Education Unit
MGH Office for Research Career Development (ORCD)


BWH Patient-Centered Comparative Effectiveness Research Center Past Events
▪ Harvard Catalysts Fundamentals of Clinical and Translational Research
Harvard X’s Fundamentals of Clinical Trials
Introduction to Clinical Research at MGH
NIH Clinical Research Training

Advanced Imaging: Imaging in Clinical/Translational Cardiovascular Research, September 16-18, 2014 – applications due August 15, 2014
This three-day course explores the available imaging technologies commonly used in cardiovascular research, and gives participants the opportunity to consider how they might use imaging in their own clinical or translational research.
▪ A Primer on Complex Trait Genetics: Principles for the Clinical Investigator
Basic Biostatistics for Clinical Research
Basic Biostatistics for Clinical Research: Working Sessions
BWH Patient-Centered Comparative Effectiveness Research Center Upcoming Events
Certificate in Applied Biostatistics (Harvard Catalyst)
Comparative Effectiveness, Cost-Benefit Analysis, & Implementation Research (Harvard Catalyst)
Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials
Good Clinical Practice in Research at an Academic Research Institution
Genetic Literacy: A Guide to Understanding the Language and Concepts of Modern Genetic Research
Harvard Catalysts’ Introduction to Clinical Investigation
Introduction to Network Medicine, November 3-5, 2014 – applications due September 18, 2014
When network medicine is integrated into biomedical research, it has the potential to transform investigations of disease etiology, diagnosis, and treatment. This three-day course is an introduction to the developing field of network science in biology and medicine.
Introduction to Translational Medicine, September 29-October 1, 2014 –applications due August 1, 2014
Medical Device Development (Harvard Catalyst)
▪ Mentored Clinical Research Experience (Harvard Catalyst)
▪ MGH Clinical Research Fellows Orientation: Part I & Part II
▪ Next Gen Sequencing: An Introduction and Clinical Applications
Orientation Program: Clinical Research Resources at MGH
Welcome to the Genetic Code
Workshop on Study Design: Using MGH Clinical Care Data for Clinical Effectiveness

Please click here for a list of CRP current offerings. Many of the CRP's courses are recorded, click here to access our recordings and handouts.