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Educate yourself


  • It’s always important to “do your homework” and make sure that you have the basic knowledge that you need to get your research off the ground successfully.
  • Thankfully, you work at an institution that is rich in educational resources. Please see courses below for the educational opportunities available on the basics of clinical research.
  • This website also serves to provide a basic framework for approaching clinical research. Read on for more!


BWH Patient-Centered Comparative Effectiveness Research Center
Harvard Catalyst Education and Training
MGH Clinical Research Program Education Unit
MGH Office for Research Career Development (ORCD)


BWH Patient-Centered Comparative Effectiveness Research Center Past Events
▪ Harvard Catalysts Fundamentals of Clinical and Translational Research
Harvard X’s Fundamentals of Clinical Trials
Introduction to Clinical Research at MGH
NIH Clinical Research Training

A Primer on Complex Trait Genetics: Principles for the Clinical Investigator
Basic Biostatistics for Clinical Research
Basic Biostatistics for Clinical Research: Working Sessions
BWH Patient-Centered Comparative Effectiveness Research Center Upcoming Events
Certificate in Applied Biostatistics (Harvard Catalyst)
Comparative Effectiveness, Cost-Benefit Analysis, & Implementation Research (Harvard Catalyst)
Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials
Good Clinical Practice in Research at an Academic Research Institution
Genetic Literacy: A Guide to Understanding the Language and Concepts of Modern Genetic Research
Harvard Catalysts’ Introduction to Clinical Investigation
Introduction to Translational Medicine, September 29-October 1, 2014 –applications due August 1, 2014
Medical Device Development (Harvard Catalyst)
▪ Mentored Clinical Research Experience (Harvard Catalyst)
▪ MGH Clinical Research Fellows Orientation: Part I & Part II
▪ Next Gen Sequencing: An Introduction and Clinical Applications
Orientation Program: Clinical Research Resources at MGH
Welcome to the Genetic Code
Workshop on Study Design: Using MGH Clinical Care Data for Clinical Effectiveness

Please click here for a list of CRP current offerings. Many of the CRP's courses are recorded, click here to access our recordings and handouts.