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The MGH Clinical Research Program (CRP) faculty provides free consultations to investigators seeking assistance in

Study Design and Implementation Consultations

The CRP’s Study Design and Implementation consultations provide support for new clinical studies and research networks as well as resubmissions of federal grants. Consultations assist junior faculty preparing new Career Development (K) grant applications and support current K award recipients applying for independent funding.

Biostatistics Consultations

The CRP Biostatistics Unit provides consultations to those seeking study design advice, analysis support for manuscript preparation, help with handling statistical considerations during IRB submissions, and education on special statistical method topics.

Biostatistics for K Awardees ConsultationsNEW

All MGH K-awardees are welcome to submit the request to consult with one of the MGH biostatisticians as well as to develop a plan and then receive ongoing grant/research paper preparation support and guidance throughout the duration of their K awards.

Clinical Effectiveness Research Consultations

The CRP’s Clinical Effectiveness Research Unit seeks to address second translational block issues (i.e. translating evidence from clinical studies into clinical practice) and provides mentoring and consultation on career development, hypothesis generation, study design and data analysis/data management for clinical effectiveness researchers.

Operational Evaluation Consultations

CRP Operational Evaluation consultations support clinical investigators whose research focuses on patient-centered approaches to translating evidence-based care into health care practice. Consultations provide assistance to those focusing on health services delivery and outcomes research with developing research questions and hypotheses and designing rigorous evaluation of operational projects. Support is also available for analysis and publication efforts surrounding quality improvement activities.

Survey Research Consultations

The CRP’s Survey Research support program provides survey consultations and advice for all aspects of study design, execution and interpretation of survey data.

Omics Consultations

The CRP’s Omics Unit provides consultation and triage for the MGH clinical research community. Assistance is provided in genetic study design and execution, human subject protection, career advice, and/or identification of particular resources. A new emphasis of the unit focuses on emerging technologies for metabolomic and proteomic profiling of human samples, with a goal of optimizing sample throughput, cost, and breadth of analytical coverage. Requests are triaged by the Omics Unit and assigned to specific consultants depending on expertise and availability.

Translational Medicine Consultations

The CRP’s Translational Medicine Unit provides support to those seeking help with translating basic science discoveries into clinically applicable tools for the diagnosis or treatment of human diseases and/or exploiting clinical discoveries that require greater elucidation in basic science laboratories.

Patient Centered Outcomes Research ConsultationsNEW

The CRP’s Patient Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) consultations provide support for investigators who are navigating the waters of the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute. Assistance is available for PCOR proposal preparation, identification and incorporation of patient reported outcomes measures into clinical research settings and linkage with other clinical datasets, as well as stakeholder engagement.

Electronic Health Record Research Services ConsultationsNEW

The CRP’s Electronic Health Record Research (EHR) consultations provide support for investigators who are considering studies making use of electronic health records data. Assistance is available for study design, research proposal preparation and generation of preliminary data to support such proposals, linkage with other clinical datasets, and identification of potential co-investigators and collaborators.

Imaging Biomarkers ConsultationsNEW

The CRP’s Imaging Biomarkers Unit provides consultations for investigators who are considering studies making use of the wealth of imaging technologies and expertise at MGH and beyond. Assistance is available for study design, IRB, feedback on draft research proposals, and identification of potential co-investigators and collaborators. Requests are triaged and assigned to specific consultants depending on expertise and availability.