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Manage study funds


  • It is vitally important that study funds are managed properly from the onset of any clinical research study. Once funds are in the red it is very challenging to get out of this situation, so it is critical that you do anything that you can do to ensure proper management of your funds from the get-go.
  • The Principal Investigator is responsible for the management of study funds but, with proper training and oversight, may delegate these responsibilities to members of his/her study team. Fund-management procedures should be outlined in your study’s SOP.
  • The person charged with these duties should monitor your funds and create a report with projected balances on at least a monthly basis. Strive to resolve any issues immediately to keep your funds out of the red and to ensure that any payments you are owed are received quickly.
  • The Insight Research Portal is a web-based application that was developed to review, monitor and manage research portfolios.  Comprised of ten different modules, Insight's functions cover the broad function of research administration from award management to effort reporting, IRB submissions and standard reporting.


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