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Orientation to the CRC

Welcome to CRC Orientation!

Orientation to the CRC consists of 11 presentations (xx.ppt) that will provide information about the 8 primary units/cores (Administration, Biomedical Imaging, Bionutrition, Biostatistics, Core laboratory, Informatics, Nursing, and Research Subject Advocate) and 3 presentations on general procedures (fire safety, scheduling and the patient visit).

To begin, please click here for the General Overview to learn about the CRC as a whole. Then proceed to each primary unit/core and the general procedures.

Reviewing these presentations will facilitate communication amongst CRC staff, investigators and study staff. We hope that you will become familiar with the operations of the CRC upon your review of the orientation presentation.


Administration Biomedical Imaging Bionutrition Biostatistics
Core Lab Informatics Nursing RSA

General Procedures

Doctor's Orders Fire Safety Patient Visit Scheduling

For those wishing to have printable versions of any one of the presentations, please click below:


General Procedures:


Biomedical Imaging Core