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The Harris Center   About us
  Francis Hornicek, MD, PhD Director, Surgeon and Co-Director of Research
  Frank X. Pedlow, Jr MD Surgeon
  Kevin Raskin, MD Surgeon
  Andrew Rosenberg, MD Pathologist
  Joseph Schwab, MD Surgeon
  Dempsey Springfield, MD Surgeon
  Al Ferreira, RN Nursing Coordinator
  Anne Fiore, NP Nurse Practitioner
  Yen-Lin Evelyn Chen, MD Radiation Oncologist
  Thomas DeLaney, MD Radiation Oncologist
  Norbert Liebsch, MD, PhD Radiation Oncologist
  Edwin Choy, MD, PhD Medical Oncologist
  David Harmon, MD Medical Oncologist
  Scott Plotkin, MD, PhD Medical Oncologist
  Judianne Henderson, NP Nurse Practicioner
  Frederick Barker, MD Neurosurgeon
  Lawrence Borges, MD Neurosurgeon
  William Curry, MD Neurosurgeon
  William Gerald Austen, MD Plastic Surgeon
  Eric Liao, MD Plastic Surgeon
  Susan Kattapuram, MD Radiologist
  Daniel Rosenthal, MD Radiologist
  G. Petur Nielson, MD Pathologist
  Andrew Rosenberg, MD Pathologist
  Ramnik Xavier, MD Co-Director of Research
  Zhenfeng Duan, MD, PhD Researcher
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