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Hypoxia-PET and IMPT/Dose Painting in Patients with Chordomas. A Pilot Study. (View details on

High Dose Intensity Modulated Proton Radiation Treatment +/- Surgical Resection of Sarcomas of the Spine, Sacrum and Base of Skull -Now Enrolling (View details on

The Stephan L. Harris Center for Chordoma Care is dedicated to providing unsurpassed compassionate care for your patient while advancing the art and science of evaluating, diagnosing, treating, curing, and supporting the patient with chordoma.

Our Team Approach to Chordoma Treatment

Providing care for a chordoma patient is complex and time-consuming. We have found that the most effective treatment and care can be given by a team of specialists working together.

A team approach is important in dealing with:

  1. Chordoma diagnosis (pathologist)
  2. Identification of tumor size extent and metastases via imaging studies (musculoskeletal radiologist)
  3. Treatment (radiation oncologist, orthopedic oncologist, surgical oncologist, general oncologist, neurosurgeon, plastic surgeon, nurse practitioner, and medical oncologist)
  4. Follow-up care (entire medical team as needed)
  5. Emotional concerns (social worker and psychiatrist)
  6. Ongoing research

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To Refer a Patient

To refer a patient to the Harris Center, please call the Connie Peters, the new patient coordinator at 617-724-8193 or by email:

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