Joseph Schwab, MD


Office Address
Massachusetts General Hospital
Orthopedic Surgery
55 Fruit St
Boston, MA 02114

Orthopaedic Oncology
Francis Hornicek, MD, PhD Director & Surgeon
Frank X. Pedlow, Jr. MD Surgeon
Kevin Raskin, MD Surgeon
Joseph Schwab, MD Surgeon

Al Ferreira, RN Nurse Coordinator
Anne Fiore, NP Nurse Practitioner

Radiation Oncology
Yen-Lin Chen, MD Radiation Oncologist
Thomas DeLaney, MD Radiation Oncologist
Norbert Liebsch, MD, PhD Radiation Oncologist
Karen Berstien MD Radiation Oncologist

Medical Oncology
Edwin Choy, MD, PhD Medical Oncologist
Scott Plotkin, MD, PhD Medical Oncologist
Gregory Cote, MD Medical Oncologist
Judianne Henderson, NP Nurse Practitioner

Frederick Barker, MD Neurosurgeon
Lawrence Borges, MD Neurosurgeon
William Curry, MD Neurosurgeon

Surgical Oncology
John Mullen, MD Surgeon
Alex Haynes, MD Surgeon

Plastic Surgery
William Gerald Austen, MD Plastic Surgeon
Eric Liao, MD, PhD Plastic Surgeon

Susan Kattapuram, MD Radiologist
Daniel Rosenthal, MD Radiologist

G. Petur Nielsen, MD Pathologist

Stacey Gray, MD Otolaryngologist
Eric Holbrook, MD ENT Surgeon
Derrick Lin, MD ENT Surgeon
Benjamin S. Bleier, M.D. ENT Surgeon

Francis Hornicek, MD, PhD Co-Director
Ramnik Xavier, MD Co-Director
Zhenfeng Duan, MD, PhD
Joseph Schwab, MD Surgeon

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"The clinical management of patients with chordomas warrants a multidisciplinary approach. The surgeries are technically, physically and emotionally demanding. Each patient must be closely followed for many years and this allows for the development of a close personal relationship between physician and patient. It is this relationship where the reward truly lies."

Joesph Schwab, MD

Clinical Interests
Surgical Management of Spine Disorders,Including Primary and Metastatic Spine Tumors; Scoliosis and Degenerative Conditions of the Spine; Primary and Metastatic Tumors in the Extremities

MD Degree: The Chicago Medical School/Rosalind Franklin University, Chicago, IL.

Postdoctoral Training
Residency: Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
Fellowship: Orthopaedic Oncology, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY
Spine Surgery, Hospital for Spine Surgery, New York, NY

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