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Dr. Amy Morgan

Amy Morgan, PhD
Neuropsychologist, MGH

This is a transcript of a video from the Growing Up with Epilepsy Web site. For more information visit

Dr. Amy Morgan: As early as possible, a child will come in for a neuropsychological evaluation, and a pediatric neuropsychologist will identify their unique areas of strengths and weaknesses. And, I might add, every child has them. In the most typically developing child, there are relative strengths and weaknesses. So we identify these in a child at risk, and taking those into consideration, then we make recommendations for educators, parents and other social supports to provide the appropriate accommodations for that child to help them learn. And also with their strengths in mind, too. Another important part of the neuropsychological evaluation for kids at a certain developmental level is helping them understand how their brain works, and it really puts them more in the driver's seat and in control of their learning and also kind of normalizes for them their experience of having difficulties and helps them recognize what strengths they have and how they can use those.