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Gretchen Timmel

Gretchen Timmel, MEd
Educational Psychologist, MGH

This is a transcript of a video from the Growing Up with Epilepsy Web site. For more information visit

Gretchen Timmel: Parents need to know that they don't have to approach the school or any other institution with their child by themselves, that there is a supportive network available to parents. Now, sometimes it's difficult to access that, but the medical physician is the starting point. And that their child has the right to be educated in the best possible fashion that can be constructed. And I think that parents need to know that often when they go to the schools and advocate for their child, they can have an extremely positive effect on what's going to transpire. And that instead of waiting for teacher conferences to happen on a schedule, that they can schedule their own conferences and talk about the way their child learns at home and what their concerns really are. What is their vision for their child? Which I think only parents can present.