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Dr. Elizabeth Thiele

Elizabeth Thiele, MD, PhD
Epileptologist, MGH

This is a transcript of a video from the Growing Up with Epilepsy Web site. For more information visit

Dr. Elizabeth Thiele: Treating a child with epilepsy is really a team approach between the child having seizures, the child's family, other people in the child's environment and daily life, and their neurologist or treating physician. So based on the child's seizure type, the neurologist usually recommends treatment and sometimes discusses with the family different medication options, and together, the family and the physician and the child choose a medication or a treatment. And then if the first medication is not effective and other treatments are needed, then it continues to be an interplay between the family and the physician, the physician discussing different medication options, different treatment options, and working with that particular child and that particular family as to what would be the best treatment for the child at that time.