Infantile Spasms
Infantile spasms is an epilepsy syndrome that affects infants and very young children. The syndrome is characterized by a form of myoclonic seizures, which may be identified by a sudden jerking of the body, in which the child flexes or extends at the trunk. The indication may also be more subtle, such as staring or blinking. Infantile spasms commonly appear in clusters, typically occurring as the child is going to sleep or soon after waking.

Although not all spasms are immediately obvious, parents are still likely to pick up on the subtle clues that suggest something may be out of the ordinary with their child. Acting quickly on these suspicions by seeking the advice of a pediatrician or epilepsy specialist is critical to controlling infantile spasms. Appropriate treatment may in turn reduce the incidence and severity of learning disabilities and behavioral disorders associated with these seizures. See also West Syndrome.