Help every family quit smoking this year in three easy steps.
Getting Started with CEASE
  Getting started


CEASE offers a variety of training opportunities in family tobacco control.

CEASE Training Video

The following video trains your practice in routinely addressing family tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure. The training video briefly outlines how to ask families about tobacco use and smoke-free home and car rules, assist families with smoking cessation and establishing completely smoke-free home and car rules, and refer smokers to free telephone counseling services with the quitline.

CEASE Training Manual

The simple CEASE training manual is available for download. This training manual serves as a reference for your office and explores the three simple steps of CEASE:
Ask, Assist, Refer.


For more information on the use of cessation medications in the child healthcare setting, please visit the American Medical Association's Policy Center:

H-490.917 Physician Responsibilities for Tobacco Cessation










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