Help every family quit smoking this year in three easy steps.
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Going Deeper

There are many ways that a pediatric practice can deepen their impact on family tobacco use and the secondhand smoke exposure of children.

Practices can:

  • bill for providing tobacco control services for parents. Consider, when appropriate, upcoding from 99212 to 99213, with a diagnosis code of 989.84 - toxic effects of tobacco - as a secondary diagnosis.

  • work with local, state, and national agencies to increase the tobacco control services available in the area

  • serve as family tobacco control experts for other practices

  • work with city councils to increase
    the number of smoke-free spaces

  • team up with local members of the AAP, AAFP,
    and other medical organizations to increase
    awareness of tobacco control issues

  • participate in tobacco control studies

  • write letters to landlords to support buildings in going completely smoke-free.
    We've provided a few templates that you can use. The letters can be downloaded here (general letter, ear infection letter, asthma letter, cystic fibrosis letter)

Last updated on August 4, 2011 by Bethany Hipple, MPH