Help every family quit smoking this year in three easy steps.
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CEASE Training Support

CEASE offers materials and support for eQIPP training courses in the form of videos and easy to download materials. Below are additional videos that more deeply explore ways to address family tobacco use.

Helping a new family live tobacco-free


Helping a mother quit for good


These materials can be used to guide a pediatric office in the steps needed to help every family quit smoking, educate parents about the harms of tobacco use, and refer parents to outside services to help them quit smoking for good. Click on the materials below to get started.

All materials can be downloaded with Adobe Acrobat

CEASE Training Manual

CEASE Implementation Guide

CEASE Action Sheet
Reading level: 5.86 (Flesch Kincaid)

CEASE Action Sheet in Spanish

CEASE Brochure
English Spanish Portuguese
Reading level: 5.16 (Flesch Kincaid) Reading level
not available
Reading level
not available
Be a STAR halflet
Reading level: 4.23 (Flesch Kincaid)
Home halflet
Reading level: 6.01 (Flesch Kincaid)
Car halflet
Reading level: 5.56 (Flesch Kincaid)

Mom halflet

Reading level: 4.08 (Flesch Kincaid)
Dad halflet
Reading level: 4.10 (Flesch Kincaid)
Teen halflet
Reading level: 3.29 (Flesch Kincaid)
Smokeless halflet
Reading level: 4.62 (Flesch Kincaid)
Thirdhand smoke halflet
Reading level: 4.51 (Flesch Kincaid)
Asthma poster
Reading level: 5.86* (Flesch Kincaid)
Thirdhand Smoke poster
Reading level: 6.6* (Flesch Kincaid)
Medications poster
Reading level: *
Prescription Pad Template for Nicotine Patch and Gum
RX Pads
*Please note that the posters do not have enough text to accurately test reading level.


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