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History of CEASE

The CEASE Module was developed in 2005 after years of research to help child healthcare clinicians adjust their office setting to address family tobacco use in a routine and effective manner.

To better meet the needs of child healthcare clinicians, the CEASE team is partnered with
the American Academy of Pediatrics
Julius B. Richmond Center of Excellence

The mission of the Richmond Center is to improve child health by eliminating children’s exposure to secondhand smoke and tobacco through changing the clinical practice of pediatrics. The vision is that all child healthcare clinicians will be active participants in the elimination of tobacco/SHS exposure of children. With the establishment of the Richmond Center at the AAP, child health clinicians will be provided with the education, training and tools needed to effectively intervene to protect children from the harmful effects of tobacco/SHS. For more information on the mission and activities of the Richmond Center, please visit: The Julius B. Richmond Center of Excellence.

Last updated on September 19, 2008 by Bethany Hipple, MPH