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Cancers are grouped together by what type of organ the cancer started in. If a cancer starts in the large intestine (colon), then it is grouped with the cancers of other organs of the digestive system. If a cancer starts in the bone marrow, it is put into a group with other cancers of the blood system. Some cancers do not fit into a group because they are unusual in a way. Three examples of these cancers are:

AIDS Oncology
Some cancers do not fit into a group. Cancer can be linked to some other disease, like AIDS. AIDS cancers need special understanding because they are not just the cancer alone, but the cancer and the problems of AIDS together. To read more on AIDS Oncology >>>

Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP)
If a person has cancer that spread from one organ to another (metastatic disease), but the doctors do not know what organ the cancer started in, this is called Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP). To read more on Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) >>>

Metastatic Cancer
A cancer is a group of abnormal cells that grow and multiply without stopping. These abnormal cells can spread from one place in the body to another. This is called metastatic cancer. To read more on Metastatic Cancer >>>

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