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My patients receive comprehensive treatment and close personal attention without having to go outside the BMG - with excellent results. The patients I refer to the program usually attain normal blood glucose within a short time and, perhaps more importantly, feel exceptionally well cared for by the BMG and the MGH. - Dr. Suzanne Koven

I have had much better success managing my patients’ diabetes with the help of the DM program team than I could do alone. We are lucky to have such a program. - Dr. Paul Cusick

Dear Diabetes Team and Sue Maraventano, RN, I am the psychiatrist of a BMG patient. I will be seeing him later this morning, and saw your recent notes in his chart. Thank you for taking such good care of him and of his diabetes this week. I, too, will make strong efforts to encourage adherence to his diabetes care including new oral regimen to help him achieve his blood sugar goals. Thanks again. -Ann Shinn, MD, MPH



We write this letter to express our gratitude with the work of Marcy Bergeron, NP, and the Diabetes Program. My husband was diagnosed with type II diabetes in June of 2008 at which time we started working with Marcy and the program. We were not educated about diabetes, how to control it, what to do to prevent it from getting worse, or the medication he would be taking until we met with Marcy in July of 2008. We then met with Suzanne Russell-Curtis, RD, who explained how to control diabetes through proper diet. In addition, we attended the classes offered by the program to educate us further.

Without the help of Marcy, Suzanne, who didn't hesitate to respond to emails or phone calls to answer any questions we had, and the program, this would have been a difficult road for us. We are glad to say, after being diagnosed he was taken off the medication at the beginning of February and has recently been placed in the "pre-diabetes" stage.

We are truly grateful for this program and the staff. They made such an impact on us and never made us feel that we were alone in trying to deal with diabetes. -Mrs. P.P.

That last session (of the Diabetes Support Group) was AMAZINGLY informative! I learned more from you and the other patients than I did in a lot of my reading! You were correct, moreover, in encouraging me to "dust off my notes and handouts." - Mr. A.D.

The program has changed my life...I needed the group reinforcement to get me through temptations. I’m hard to change. You helped me to get serious...my family and friends have noticed the change. - Mr. T.S.

I would definitely recommend the program to others. - Mr. J.B..

I especially found the group classes helpful because it helped to be with others who are going through the same things and yet the instructors were willing to stop and answer any individual questions people had. - Ms. S.W.

I want to thank you for all your care and attention last week. It was certainly a shock to find out I am diabetic, but you and your team were extremely helpful and encouraging while teaching me how to begin to handle this disease. - Mr. C.H.


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