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Is there a BMG secretary, medical assistant, nurse, or doctor that was especially helpful or went above and beyond to offer you exemplary care? If so and you would like to acknowledge and thank them please use the form below to submit and post your personalized compliment.

EXAMPLE: My experience at BMG was positive thanks to Jane Doe. She was courteous, friendly, and professional when assisting me. -Satisfied Patient

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eileen wyner
Usually people complain about the care they receive or the lack thereof . . . I try to let people know when things go well. Last week I had two medical consults and both test results were negative. Because of what Eileen Wyner, NP, saw during my visit, she went ahead with treating me. She was spot on with her diagnosis and when I would be feeling better. I called her today (as she requested) just to let her know that I was indeed feeling so much better. Again, she was extremely pleasant and genuinely happy that I was feeling better. So, please know that I was extremely pleased with her patient care, diagnosis, and willingness to treat something that didn't test the way it presented. -L.G.
Posted 10/18/2011

A compliment to the BMG Diabetes Management Program and Dr. Anna Manatis:

Suzanne, thanks so much for seeing me today. I am glad that you, Eileen, and Dr. Manatis thinks I am doing pretty well in controlling my blood sugar levels. I'm trying and I very much appreciate all the guidance I am receiving from Bulfinch. -A patient of the BMG Diabetes Management Program


I am Dr. David Miller's patient. I called the emergency number of your office on Saturday. I would first commend the quick response of the on-call doctor, Dr. Adrienne Knopf, who referred me to the MGH Emergency Department. I was admitted Saturday evening and appreciated her visit Sunday morning.

It was also deeply reassuring to have Dr. Miller visit me very early Monday morning. I personally find him to be a very knowledgeable and caring person. To top it off, Colleen Macauley, RN, called me the day after my discharge to see how I was doing at home. She was very understanding and pleasant, and willing to answer any questions or concerns I might have had.

Needless to say, I was and am very impressed by the medical care and follow up I was given by the Bulfinch Medical Group and feel I am very lucky to have access to such a high level of patient/medical care which the group practices. -E.P.

Posted 3/15/2011
  This BMG website is very helpful, as are the email and other features of Patient Gateway. Assumed what I needed might now be available on BMG website, and it was! Very helpful that Bulfinch and MGH are now discovering and utilizing the advantages of computers and e-medicine. As info professional myself, have long thought to suggest and that this would make medical practice more effective and efficient for patient and probably doctors (with recognition of potential info overload). Certainly helpful to me as patient. -P.P.
Posted 11/12/2010
Photo of doctor David Miller
I feel that Dr. David Miller is not only my husband's primary care physician but a member of the family as well. Dr. Miller takes a personal interest in his patients. -L.D.
Posted 8/6/2010
eileen wyner
Eileen, thank you for taking such good care of my mom yesterday. You were so great with her. Analyzing her situation so thoroughly, being so patient and precise with your suggestions, instructions, and education, all with a wonderful sense of humor at just the right times...Thanks for your expert NP care. You are such a shining star in our profession...You are a perfect example of how NP's are helping to meet the increased demand for health care in this country. -M.S.
Posted 5/18/2010
Chris has been so gracious to help me with my wife's prescription. I understand that she does not deal with prior authorizations, but since taking this task on for us, we have had no further issues with getting her prescription covered, and at a lower cost that is beneficial to us. Thank you again for your kindness and understanding. -Anonymous Patient
Posted 4/29/2010
I know answering the phones all day must be a daunting task! But everytime I call I get Katie and Natalie and they are always pleasant and helpful. I miss seeing both of them at the front desk when I check in but I know when I call I get the same courtesy as when I would check in! -Anonymous Patient
no picture available
While sitting in your waiting area the other day I just happen to notice how caring and patient Celeste is with every patient. It takes a certain kind of person to deal with the public and let me tell you she is the best! -Anonymous Patient
Posted 4/20/2010
deb cambridge
Bulfinch is so fortunate to have Deb Cambridge as a nurse practitioner. She is extremely competent and has a wonderful manner with her patients. I had the opportunity to have her twice. Both times she was excellent. Thank you N.P. Cambridge. -A.D.
Photo of doctor David Miller
Words cannot express how much Dr. David Miller has helped me, medically, and suported me with any other problem I have. He is a wonderful physician and I am so lucky to have Dr. Miller as my primary care physician. Thank you Dr. Miller for all your help. -A.D.
Posted 4/12/2010
Thanks for all your help, Katie! You are always a pleasure! -T
Posted 3/23/2010

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