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Dear Patient:

There have been some exciting changes at Bulfinch Medical Group (BMG). We have modified the way in which your medical team is organized to better care for you. It’s “Back to the Future”! We are introducing a 21st century version of the good old days – the time when your family doctor and nurse knew you and your family well – it wasn’t just a professional relationship, it was a personal relationship. 

An introduction to the members of your personal medical team is provided here. When you visit our office, these are the people who will take care of you. Most of these names and faces may already be familiar to you. We will strive to make every visit as easy as possible by surrounding you with friendly people whom you know and who know you.

This improvement has been developed by BMG doctors collaborating with patients as part of the Patient-Doctor Partnership (PDP). Two years ago, the PDP recommended a restructuring of our practice into integrated teams of healthcare providers that would include a Doctor, a Nurse Practitioner (NP), a Registered Nurse (RN), a Patient Service Coordinator (PSC) and a Medical Assistant (MA). Your team’s professionals now work with each other on a daily basis as a closely coordinated unit. They know each other well and, in time, all the team members will know you well, too.

Over the past few years, you may have noticed that communicating by phone and on-line with your doctor and our staff has become easier. When you phone our office, whoever answers your call is trained to know the next step required or which member of your team can best field your inquiry. You should always feel comfortable asking directly for your RN or PSC if you prefer and, when appropriate, they can put you directly in touch with your doctor.

We think that the better you know your health care providers and the better they know you, the more comfortable and beneficial your experience at BMG will be. We are excited to be reinforcing Bulfinch’s highly personalized approach to primary care and hope you are too. Please feel free to tell us how it’s working or how it’s not. Your feedback is important.

Your BMG Care Team

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