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Geriatric Anesthesia Research Unit (GARU)

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Selected publications:

  1. Xie, Z., Moir, RD., Romano, DM., Tesco, G., Kovacs, DM., and Tanzi, RE.: Hypocapnia Induces Caspase-3 Activation
    and Increases Ab Production. Neurodegenerative Disease,
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  2. Xie, Z., Romano, DM., Kovacs, DM., and Tanzi, RE. Effects of RNAi-mediated silencing of g-secretase complex components on cell sensitivity to caspase-3 activation. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2004; 279: 34130-34137.
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  10. Culley, DJ., Xie, Z. and Crosby, G. General Anesthetic-Induced Neurotoxicity: An Emerging Problem for the Young and Old? Current Opinion in Anesthesiology; 2007, 20:408-413.
  11. Zhang, G., Dong, Y., Zhang, B., Xu Wu, Culley, DJ., Crosby, G., Tanzi, RE, Xie, Z.
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