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Members of Department to Present at Annual ASA Meeting

Several members of DACCPM will represent the department at the annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA). The event will take place October 17-21, 2009, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Faculty members who will present at the conference include:

  • Lisa Warren, "Does Intralipid Work for Local Anesthetic Toxicity?" (panel)
  • May Pian-Smith, "Enhancing Multicultural Medical Care: Why Does It Matter?" (panel) and "Speaking Up Across Authority Gradients: Are These Simulator Lessons Retained & Transferred?" (FAER/Anesthesiology Special Session)
  • Lucy Everett, "Practical Pediatric Ambulatory Anesthesia" and "Ambulatory Point-Counterpoint" (moderating)
  • Zhongcong Xie, "Your Next Patient has a Neurologic Disease" (moderating) and "Alzheimer's Disease: What Anesthesiologists Need to Know" (panel)
  • Richard Pino, "Myasthenia Gravis and Myasthenic Syndrome: Anesthesia Considerations" (panel)
  • Jonathan Katz, "Strategies to Detect and Prevent Drug Diversion" (moderating)
  • Warren Zapol, "The Role of Random Drug Screening in Prevention of Drug Diversion" (panel)
  • Jeanine Wiener-Kronish, "FAER Academy of Research Mentor Panel: Developing an Academic Career in Quality and Safety Health Services" and "Fundamentals of Perioperative Infections: The New Requirements and Payment Schedules" (moderating); "Low Tidal Volume Ventilation for Everyone in the Operating Room" (panel)
  • James P. Rathmell, "Education in Pain Medicine" and "Complications in Pain Medicine"; "Safety in Pain Medicine: Do We Have the Technology to Practice in a Risk-Averse Manner?" (moderating)
  • Paul St. Jacques, "After the Decision: Practical Aspects of Selecting and Implementing an AIMS System" (moderating)
  • Warren S. Sandberg, "Making It in Lean Times: How Academic and Private Practices are Coping with the Second Great Depression" (moderating), "Ergonomics of the AIMS Workstation," "Doing More With Less: Cost Containment and Work Process Change to Increase Effectiveness," "So, You Want to Install an Anesthesia Information Management System (Workshop)" and "Real-Time Clinician Prompting" (panels)
  • Robert Loeb, "Creating an Infrastructure to Extract Information From My AIMS" and "So, You Want to Install an Anesthesia Information Management System (Workshop)" (moderating)
  • David Wax, "Developing an Intranet to Improve Department Efficiency Workshop" (moderating)
  • Sascha S. Beutler, "Endovascular Repair of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm: By the Way, the Patient Is Allergic to Contrast!" and "Postoperative Delirium: Independent Predictor of Mortality - Can Anesthesiologists Make a Difference?"
  • Charles J. Cote, "A Toddler with Airway Obstruction: Could It Be Epiglottitis? Management and Transtracheal Devices"
  • Paul J. Firth, "Anesthesia and High Altitude: 'No Difficulty Was Expected'"
  • Dr. Meraj M. Mohiuddin, Mohiuddin (Cambridge faculty): "Emergency Cricothyroidotomy in a Patient with a Full Stomach and Anticipated Difficult Airway"
  • Drs. Luca Bigatello and Venkatesh Srinivasa (VA faculty)

The department will also hold its annual alumni reception on Sunday, October 18, from 6 to 8 pm at the New Orleans Marriott Hotel. For more information, visit ASA's website.

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