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Ronald J. Kulich, PhD

Ronald J. Kulich, PhD


Attending Psychologist, Mass General Center for Pain Medicine; Lecturer, Harvard Medical School

Clinical Specialty

Clinical Psychology/Pain

Professional Activities

Clinical Care: I dedicate my clinical time to the evaluation and treatment of patients with persistent pain conditions, with activities that include screening and psychological evaluation for chronic opioid therapy, screening for interventional procedures, and cognitive behavioral interventions.  Therapeutic goals include improvement in patient coping skills, maximizing adherence, and managing disability associated with chronic pain.  I coordinate a time-limited behavioral group program, focusing on short-term, cost-effective strategies for the management of pain.

Education: Work in education and training includes coordination of behavioral science teaching for the MGH Pain Fellows and medical staff.  Activities include directing the MGH Chronic Pain Rounds at the Ether Dome, as well as hosting other regional and national conferences on pain.  Past education work has included membership and chairmanships of subcommittees through the American Pain Society, Presidency of New England Pain Association for two terms, and recent co-director of the Boston Pain Forum.  Recent activities involve collaborative efforts with other institutions, including the Tufts and Harvard Dental Schools of Dental Medicine, and the Tufts Medical School.

Research: My earlier career was devoted to program development and quality improvement with private sector pain practice, while ongoing  research has addressed public policy issues with access to pain care. This includes co-authorship of the book Managed Care in Pain and recent publications addressing access to cost-effective treatment.  Recent published work has also addressed issues in forensic/medico-legal assessment, evidence in the courtroom, and risk management with opioid therapy in pain medicine practice.  

Medical Training

  • Purdue University, Dept. of Psychological Sciences, West Lafayette, Indiana, MS, Quantitative Methods
  • Purdue University, Dept. of Psychological Sciences, West Lafayette, Indiana, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
  • Brown University School of Medicine Internship, Clinical Psychology/ Behavioral Medicine


Original Articles and Reviews

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Proceedings of Meetings

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Book Chapters

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Clinical Communications

Kulich RJ, Jacoby J, Curran JP, Mariotto MJ. Assertion training in the consumer-salesperson interaction, A manual.  Purdue Papers in Consumer Psychology, West Lafayette, Indiana, #121, 1979.

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Miller K, Kulich RJ, Balis, M.  Guideline for medico-legal practice in pain medicine: Committee Report: American Pain Society Forensic Special Interest Group May 2005

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