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Procedural Anesthesia

The largest growth in demand for anesthesia services at Mass General and nationally is in out-of-operating room locations.

Anesthesia for In-Vitro Fertilization Procedures

Oocyte retrievals are usually short procedures lasting about 15 minutes.

Patients generally do well with a deep monitored anesthetic / light general anesthetic with ventilation assisted by facemask.

Anesthesia for Gastrointestinal Procedures

Cases generally fall into three categories: Upper Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, and ERCP/EUS.

Although some procedures can last for several hours, cases are usually completed in under one hour and frequently last less than 15 minutes.

The vast majority of endoscopy patients receive sedation by a registered nurse during their procedures.  Patients requiring the care of an anesthesiologist fall into four basic categories:

  • Patients with extensive co-existing illness
  • Developmentally delayed adults
  • Patients who have not tolerated nursing sedation in the past
  • Patients whose procedures will be especially long or difficult.

Because of the variability in case length, level of stimulation and patient co-morbidities, close communication between the anesthesiologist and the endoscopist is crucial to develop a safe and effective anesthetic plan for each individual patient.

Anesthesia for Radiological Procedures

Although interventional radiological procedures are less invasive than their open surgical counterparts, they are often long in duration, require immobility for imaging, and are sometimes painful for brief periods of time. Our doctors have the training and tools required to make these essential procedures as pleasant as possible.

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